Application Year

The Pre-Health Advisory Committee at Seattle Pacific University prepares students for presentation as candidates to dental, medical, or veterinary schools. In addition to providing guidance during students’ pre-professional development, committee members participate in the Committee Process, which leads each applicant through a mock interview. A student’s interview committee also includes faculty, administrators, and staff from across the university. Pre-health advisors typically come from the Biology and Chemistry Departments.

SPU’s long-standing Committee Process is distinctive and contributes substantively to students’ preparation for the application and interview process. The process culminates with the lead pre-health advisor writing a Committee Letter of Evaluation, or Committee Letter. This document serves as an introduction to the admissions committees and reviews the applicant’s preparation and accomplishments.

SPU students are expected to participate in the committee process, particularly if they are applying before they graduate or during the first few following years. The admissions committees at professional schools are familiar with the committee process—many are also familiar with SPU’s particular program—and may not give their full attention to an SPU student who applies outside of the committee system.

The Application Year Roadmap contains vital information for which each student is responsible. It is important to plan ahead in order to meet our deadlines. Although a few students, with permission, apply to professional schools at the end of their third year, most students apply at the end of their fourth year or at some point after graduation. Be sure to check the Roadmaps for each year of professional preparation, including the Gap Year, in addition to the Application Year Roadmap.

Application Year Roadmap

This roadmap provides a checklist of action steps for PPHS students during their application year.