Pre-Professional Health Sciences Committee Process

SPU’s long-standing committee process is distinctive and contributes substantive preparation for students entering the application and interview process to their professional schools.

The Pre-Health Advisory Committee (PAC) at Seattle Pacific University leads students through mock interviews.  The Committee Process prepares students for presentation as candidates to dental, medical, or veterinary schools. The interview committee is composed of faculty, administrators, and staff from across the university, including your pre-health advisors in the Biology Department. 

The process culminates with the lead pre-health advisor writing a Committee Letter of Evaluation, or Committee Letter. This document serves as an introduction to the admissions committees and reviews your preparation and accomplishments.  PAC is an advocate for the students, providing an honest evaluation, including both strengths and weaknesses of the student interviewee, without which professional organizations would not give credit to the Committee Letters.  For this reason, it is essential that students refrain from asking for an interview until their application will represent their best effort.  As useful as the Committee Letter is, the process of completing the procedure to gain a Committee Letter is at least equally important because it prompts an early preparation of your materials, accesses your readiness for application, and provides an opportunity for feedback from the committee to address deficits in preparation before application.

Medical and dental schools are aware of SPU’s committee structure and expect your recommendation letter packet to conform to this interview and recommendation structure. Based on the interview, the lead pre-health advisor will summarize each candidate’s strengths and defining characters traits in a Committee Letter.  This document will be uploaded as part of a Committee Letter Packet, which will also include other individual letters of recommendation that students obtain from professors, instructors, research supervisors, and other mentors.

Interviews will be held during spring quarter.  Candidates must complete an online application by December 31 of each year and turn in the required documentation by March 1. The required documents include:

  1. Personal Statement
  2. Resume or CV
  3. Detailed spreadsheet of shadowing (unpaid observation only)
  4. Detailed spreadsheet of volunteer hours (including medical professionals' names and locations, and number of hours)
  5. List of schools to which you intend to apply (including a description of specific programs that interest you at each school)

Please send your documents to by March 1.  Write your name and “committee interview documents” in the subject head line.