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The Communication and Journalism Department is home to an award-winning weekly student newspaper and a forensics program, both of which offer you — whether you are a major or a nonmajor — the opportunity to get involved in co-curricular activities that hone your communication skills, stretch your comfort zone, and offer you a sense of community with professors and fellow students.


Internships are great opportunities for you to explore career interests, gain critical skills specific to your professional discipline, and increase your marketability to employers. Research has shown that students who participate in internships find jobs more quickly after graduation, and find jobs that are well-suited to their interests and skills.

Designed to be an integral part of your academic program, SPU’s Internship Program integrates classroom knowledge with practical work experience, allowing you to earn credit for learning gained in a work setting (typically 1–5 credits per quarter). Internships generally range from 10 to 20 hours of work per week for 1–5 credits; typically three to four hours of work per week per credit. You can earn up to 26 university credits in internships.

A prime benefit of Seattle Pacific's location is the opportunity for internships in businesses, schools, hospitals, or other organizations related to your field of study. Advisers are available to help match you with employers throughout the city and internships are supervised by faculty to maximize their educational value. Internships may be paid or unpaid; either way, the experience gained is priceless.

For more information about internships in Communication and Journalism, visit the Center for Career and Calling.

Co-Curricular Activities

The Falcon

The Falcon is Seattle Pacific University’s student-run newspaper. It strives to provide relevant news and commentary for students, faculty, and staff. Committed to truthful and accurate reporting by honest and ethical means, The Falcon encourages personal reflection and open discussion.

The Falcon is produced by students at Seattle Pacific University. Students of all majors and interests are invited to join, and class credit is available. The Falcon accepts new staff writers and photographers every quarter, and hires paid editors annually. Contact The Falcon’s editors, business manager or faculty adviser.

The Falcon is published by the Seattle Pacific University Board of Student Media and funded in part by the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific. The newspaper is printed by Pacific Publishing Company. Its faculty adviser is Dr. Peg Achterman.

SPU Student Newspaper The Falcon

The Falcon: SPU’s Independent Student Newspaper

The Falcon is a student-run newspaper that strives to provide relevant news and commentary for Seattle Pacific University’s students, faculty and staff. We are committed to truthful and accurate reporting by honest and ethical means.