3-2 Transfer Program

Note: This program will no longer accept applicants, beginning in 2021-22.

Sometimes it’s good to have choices — the option of taking an engineering major not offered at SPU, while still earning a degree from this Christian university. That’s the thinking behind dual-degree agreements between SPU and the University of Washington and Washington State University.

This five-year program allows you to complete three years of engineering studies at SPU, followed by two years at the partner school. After completing all requirements for both schools, you receive a bachelor of arts in Physical Sciences from SPU, and a bachelor of science from the other university.

For more information, read the 3-2 Dual Degree Program Advising Document or contact the Engineering and Computer Science department.

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Engineering students working in lab

Curriculum Details

Need to know about curriculum, requirements, and schedules? You’ll find it all in the Engineering and Computer Science sections of the latest catalog.