Project Archive (2018)

Engineering projects

Rack-mounted RFID bike lock

A clean, responsible, and efficient household waste management system

User-tracking multi-axial cargo transport

User controlled search and rescue rover

A sustainable heating and cooling solution for refugee camps

Electric bike

A more dependable heads-up display

Electrical surge protection anywhere

A better Baja buggy transmission

Safe power distribution in refugee camps

Toxic-gas-sniffing robots

Software engineering projects

Medical records training software

Fundraising made simple

Sports activity organizing app

Search YouTube videos by location

Why I Teach at SPU

James Walker, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

“At Seattle Pacific University, I believe we have the unique opportunity to integrate professional excellence with our faith, in a reflective and supportive community. As engineers, we can participate in creating products and systems that help our communities flourish, and in so doing, realize our position as image-bearers of our Creator. The engineering professions desperately need well-rounded and ethical people who are highly competent in their fields. I believe we have the environment at SPU to develop the whole person intellectually, professionally, and spiritually. In my experience in industry, these traits along with an appreciation for the associated disciplines will enable our graduates to assume leadership roles in their careers.”