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Dream Work cover by Mary Oliver

Good Reads

Dream Work, published in 1986, is a collection of 45 poems by Pulitzer prize-winning poet Mary Oliver. Whether on the bus for the morning commute, taking a lunch break on a park bench, or winding down the day, Oliver’s perfectly crafted poems are wonderful to escape into.

Oliver mixes naturalism with personal epiphanies; spirituality with simplicity. The woman is a modern day Walt Whitman. It’s undeniable with a poem like “A Chance to Love Everything,” about her encounters with wild animals.

The well-known and well-liked poem, “Wild Geese,” happens to be in Dream Work. Through it, Oliver wards off loneliness, preaches interconnectivity, and stirs up a sense of excitement in the reader.

Plagiarism and You

In order to maintain academic integrity in writing, it’s important to be aware of the “p-word,” plagiarismA simple definition: copying portions of another’s words from a published or electronic source without acknowledging that source. A simple solution: learn the appropriate way to cite said source!

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