advanced cultural studies

For students committed to specializing in cultural studies, this track is ideal for future educators, graduate students, and double majors:

  • If you intend to specialize in global or urban studies, it is helpful to take the Literary Theory class.
  • If your future graduate field is cultural studies, consider a double major with film studies or Asian studies.
  • If you also want an MA in Education, this is your track.

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Model of Vocation: Teaching the Black Panther

Dr. Brian Bantum, professor of theology, and Jeff Overstreet, assistant professor of film and English.

“What does it mean that the deep wound of race in this country has come to be euphemized as a card, a metaphor which acknowledges the rhetoric as such and yet simultaneously materializes race into a finite object that can be dealt out, withheld, or trumped? Why the singularity of a card? Who gets to play? And what would constitute a ‘full deck’? ”
Anne Cheng, The Melancholy of Race