environmental justice

For students interested in environmental law and forms of public policy:

Concerned about the state of the world around you?

Possible areas of study include impact of policy and on groups of people, in regards to climate change, land management, locational risks, and water shortages.

Environmental Justice track prepares you to work in a variety of policy or legal settings with an emphasis on ecological understanding and environmental research skills, especially for those pursuing careers as environmental lawyers, activists, and as a starting point for ecological research.

Electives in environmental science or policy recommended for this track.

For more information about this track, email segalk@spu.edu.

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Model of Vocation: Environmental Law, Policies, Practices

As part of the “First Fridays Colloquium Series,” on Friday, November 2, 2018, guest speaker Tanya Hayes, director of Environmental Studies at Seattle University, spoke on the impact of international conservation policies and programs in Latin America, followed by a panel comprising Kathleen Braden, professor emerita of political science and geography; biology professors Eric Long and Ryan Ferrer; and theology professors J.J. Lease and Mike Langford.