Christine Miller ’04

Since October 2006, I have had the amazing opportunity to travel as a volunteer chaperone with the African Children’s Choir, accompanying 26 children around the U.S. and Canada. The African Children’s Choir (ACC) seeks to help Africa’s most vulnerable children break out of poverty through education. Money is raised from the touring and performing for audiences around the world; the money is used not only for various educational programs, which include around 7,000 children throughout Africa, but also to support the choir children through university level. It is the hope of ACC that through this support, the children will grow up to become leaders in their communities and in turn help Africa tomorrow.

Because of my college education at Seattle Pacific, and more specifically because of the Family and Consumer Sciences Department, I graduated with a feeling that I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone. The FCS core classes I took got me thinking about my role in society and the world and how I could help make a change to better the welfare and safety of others. Two months after graduation, I attended an ACC concert for the first time and found myself drawn to the mission of the organization. I believe it is in part because it parallels that of FCS, offering hope to individuals and families.

So when I heard God’s call to travel as a chaperone, teacher, and advocate, it felt natural to step into the role. Not only did my classes stir the desire in me to do this type of work, but they also taught me a lot that has proved to be helpful along the way while working with children and a team of adults! My four years in the FCS department was a very valuable experience.

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