News and Nachos

How can the past help us understand our world today? The History Department launched News & Nachos in 2018 to lead our campus in conversations about the pressing issues of today. By placing current events in their historical contexts, we can better understand how our world came to be the way it is today. All News & Nachos events are open to students, staff, and faculty.

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Upcoming Events:


  • "Can Democracy Survive?" - Fall Quarter Faculty Panel: Dr. Becky Hughes, Dr. Owen Ewald, Dr. Peg Achterman, Dr. Caleb Henry
  • "Can Our Cities Survive?" - Winter Quarter
  • "Can the American Church Survive?" - Spring Quarter

Past Events:


  • "The Islamic State (ISIS)" - Dr. Alissa Walter
  • "Brexit" - Dr. Becky Hughes
  • "Science in the News" - Dr. Rod Stiling
  • "China and the Trade War" - Dr. Zhiguo Ye


  • "Hong Kong Protests Explained": Faculty Panel with Dr. Zhiguo Ye, Dr. Brad Murg, and Dr. Xu Bian
  • "Women (and Men) in Family Formation in South Korea": Guest Speaker Dr. Hyeyoung Woo
  • "Gun Violence and the 2nd Amendment, Past and Present: Faculty Panel with Dr. Bill Woodward, Dr. Caleb Henry, and Dr. Karen Snedker
  • "Why Classical Music Isn't Boring: The Effects of Historical Context on Our Listening" - Dr. Christopher Hanson
  • "Cultural Genocide in China: How Uyghur Families are Dealing with Mass Incarceration" - Guest Speaker Dr. Bill Clark
  • "Forced Migration and Confinement: From Japanese Internment to the US border today" - Dr. Bill Woodward
  • "Does the U.S. Torture?" Dr. Alissa Walter