History for Future Educators

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View degree requirements for the Integrated Studies: Social Sciences Concentration (BA).

Elementary Education Endorsement

  • If you plan to teach in an elementary school and are interested in history, you must major in the Integrated Studies major with a concentration in the Social Sciences.
  • The concentration consists of courses in history, political science, and geography.
  • You must apply online through Banner.
  • Dr. Rebecca Hughes is the advisor for the Social Sciences Concentration.
  • Further information about the Elementary Certification Program is available in the School of Education.

Secondary Education Endorsement

If you plan to obtain secondary Residency Teacher Certification with endorsement in History, you should pursue a BA in History, and include the course “History of the Northwest” HIS 3600. You must also complete requirements for a Secondary Education Endorsement through the School of Education.

If you plan to become a teacher, visit the School of Education page for complete information.