Study Abroad

SPU’s faculty-led study abroad program is a vital piece of your education when you major in a foreign language or linguistics.

Several of the programs include a study abroad requirement, which may be fulfilled through some of the SPU Global Education: Study Abroad programs.

Although studying abroad benefits all students regardless of their major, majors in the Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics Department with a study abroad requirement include the following:

  • French and Francophone Studies
  • Linguistics and Cultural Studies
  • Spanish Studies
Study Abroad


Led by faculty members from the Languages, Cultures, and Linguistics Department, SPU study abroad programs are designed with specific languages and cultural opportunities in mind.

If you major in French and Francophone Studies, consider:

If you major in Linguistics and Cultural Studies, consider:

If you major in Russian Studies, consider:

If you major in Spanish Studies, consider:

If you take Mandarin Chinese courses:

  • A study abroad program is not a requirement for the Chinese courses, but the China Fall Global Seminar may fulfill your UCOR 2000 requirement.

Cost and financial aid

Prices for studying abroad vary depending on length and type of program. When you participate in quarter-long, SPU-faculty led programs, the tuition is part of your normal SPU tuition. Extra costs will include travel costs associated with the trip.

You are encouraged to seek financial aid (including loans, grants, and scholarships) to apply toward the cost of a study abroad program. If you already receive financial aid and plan to study abroad, contact a representative in Student Financial Services to find out what will apply toward your chosen program.

Apply for a program

For more information about applying for a study abroad program, visit the Apply page on the Global Education: Study Abroad website.


For questions about your major’s or minor’s requirements, contact your academic advisor.

For complete information about study abroad programs, visit the Global Education: Study Abroad website.

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