The School of Teaching English (S-TESL)

Seattle Pacific University and The School of Teaching ESL have created a cooperative agreement that gives students several choices regarding professional development in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL).

S-TESL offers a 12- and 24-credit post-baccalaureate certificate in TESOL, Washington state ELL and bilingual endorsements for public school teachers, and master’s degree credit options.

S-TESL students may apply up to 12 S-TESL graduate credits toward a future MA-TESOL degree at Seattle Pacific University (within six years). S-TESL students will need to complete a graduate-level project in addition to their classwork and pay an additional fee.

Current MA-TESOL students can also take graduate level classes at S-TESL. See your advisor to learn which classes can apply. These classes can replace electives in the MA-TESOL program.

Comments about the TESOL training at S-TESL

“I liked the classes so much that I enrolled in a master’s degree program.”

“This may be the most effective, dynamic educational program I’ve ever seen!”

“The thorough pre-advising information helped me see that the school and the course that is offered is a serious preparation and that is what I wanted.”

“The assignments were very practical and relevant.”

“You’re going to walk away with many specific tools.”

“Because of my excellent training and education at the School of TESL, I was known as one of the best teachers in the company and chosen to be one of the three teachers to run the summer camp here.”

“You’ll end up excited to teach and excited about learning.”

Comments about the four-week intensive

“I am currently teaching in Thailand using the skills and confidence that I gained. The Seattle program was excellent. I taught ESL in Seattle immediately following the course, and that was really helpful. I use the course and work experiences each day as I confidently create my own classes and lesson plans. ”

“I enthusiastically recommend taking it! You can pretty well get certified to teach English anywhere in the world, but from what I understand many can be lacking in variety and contrast. The instruction at S-TESL was thorough and comprehensive. I had a delightful time and now feel confident about my abilities as a teacher. I’ve acquired a priceless wealth of knowledge — I feel every penny was worth it and well spent.”

“The curriculum, while intense, is very valuable as a tool to refer to when teaching. In my particular instance, I was able to combine my degree in communications and previous medical experience with my ESL certificate to land a job as a medical vocational instructor at a Job Corps facility. Every day, I use the tools that instructor taught me to apply to the difficult task of teaching at risk students. In my opinion, this is a great school to get the basic background and training that you will need in any area of teaching that you pursue.”

“It is extremely well organized, student-centered, interesting, and practical. ”

“I’m surprised by how much I learned in such a short time. ”

“This is probably one of the best programs you could ever attend. I apply what I learned to my classroom teaching on a daily basis. The instruction adheres to the Active Theory of Learning model, so you listen/read, discuss, and apply the knowledge every day. S-TESL advocates communicative language teaching which is easily understood and converted to any class you may be teaching. I have been teaching now for a year and find that even most of my other master’s program courses have not helped to prepare me for teaching English like this course has. I strongly endorse S-TESL, but be prepared to work your rear-end off for four weeks! It is worth it, though. ”

“Absolutely. I believe in the philosophy — and everyone connected with S-TESL — seems to ‘walk their talk.’ ”

“I definitely recommend this course. I signed up for the course in order to receive the certificate, but I gained so much more than that. It was more enjoyable and informative than I thought possible.”

“Yes! It is far more comprehensive than other courses on the market. A lot is expected from you, but you will leave with the knowledge, confidence, and ability to teach. It is more than just a certificate.”

S-TESL group photo

S-TESL: Free Information Session

SPU partners with the School of Teaching ESL (S-TESL), which offers post-bachelor certificates in TESOL and the Washington state ELL endorsement. Find out more at the next free information session:

May 18, 2017, 12:30 pm at the University of Washington, Thomson Hall Room 317

Call 206-781-8607 or 206-281-2670 for more information.