Costume Design and Production


The major in Costume Design and Production takes advantage of the resources of the Department of Theatre and the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Through studying theatre, fashion design, clothing construction, theatre history, clothing history, and other areas, we prepare students who want to become costumers, wardrobe managers, and costume designers in professional theatre, film, or other performance genres.

Major courses and degree requirements

  • A minimum 88 credits are required for this major, including 36 upper-division credits.
  • Core courses from the Family and Consumer Sciences Department include “History of Costume,” “Textiles,” and “Flat Pattern Design.”
  • Core courses from the Theatre Department include “Stagecraft,” “Playscript Analysis,” and “Production Practicum.”

View the Costume Design and Production major’s core courses and electives.

Apply for the major or minor

Apply online for a major using the Major or Minor Application. You must complete the major requirements in effect in the SPU Undergraduate Catalog for the year of admittance to the major or minor.

  • If you were an incoming freshman, you may apply for a Theatre major at the end of your first quarter of your sophomore year.
  • If you were a transfer student, you may apply to the major in your second quarter of residence.
  • You are required to have completed 12 credits of work with a minimum 2.5 GPA in Theatre, which must include TRE 1750 “Introduction to Design for Theatre” and TRE 1340 “Acting I: Fundamentals.”
  • The theatre faculty must approve your application for admission to the Theatre major or minor programs. 

Faculty Contact

Sarah Mosher

Costume Designer, Costume Shop Manager
MFA, University of Texas at Austin

Office: McKinley S1

Why Study Theatre?

Why Study Theatre?

Studying theatre, performing theatre, and otherwise engaging in the world and work of theatre will enrich your life and offer you many career and life opportunities.

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Seattle Pacific University’s new costume design and production major and minor is a collaboration between the Departments of Theatre and Family and Consumer Sciences.

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