Roles are open in all SPU Theatre productions to all SPU students, majors and non-majors alike. These roles are filled by audition. Every audition has different requirements by generally, a performer will present a monologue or contrasting monologues that best showcase their abilities.

Musical auditions will also likely require a vocal audition and a movement audition.

Specific details and requirements for auditions will be posted with a sign-up sheet for scheduled audition slots on the callboard in lower Crawford Hall one to two weeks before auditions.

Performers should be prepared to check the callboard after auditions for more information regarding callbacks and casting notices.

2021–22 Audition Dates


September 14 & 15   Auditions (Studio Theatre, 7–10 p.m.)
September 16
Callbacks (Studio Theatre, 7–10 p.m.)

Pride & Prejudice

November 8 & 9 
Auditions (Studio Theatre, 7–10 p.m.)
November 10
Callbacks (Studio Theatre, 7–10 p.m.)

Big Love

Big Love auditions have changed and now will be by digital video submission. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, January 19. Please contact the director at for audition requirements and submission details.


January 24 & 25 (Location TBA)
January 26 (Location TBA)