Student Employment


The time and effort involved in the production of theatre requires many hands. Our annual production season normally comprises three Mainstage and one Studio or Backstage show. Additionally, our involvement in facilitating music recitals, concerts, and other events in the E.E. Bach Theatre means that we need a large and professional-style technical crew.

Theatre Department Employment

Much of the student work of the Theatre Department is remunerated through academic credit. This is the case with all performance activity and for much of the production crew work. Production Practicum and Performance Practicum credits function as free credits. If practicum credits increase your quarterly total above 18 paid course credits (a full academic load), those credits are free.

We also employ several qualified students on an annual basis to serve as leads in the fulfillment of our productions. Theatre employment positions are available only through an application process. An application notice will be sent via email during Spring Quarter. 

You do not need to be a Theatre major to be hired as a student employee. Because hiring is done during Spring Quarter from among candidates who have proven themselves in our program, these employment positions are not available to incoming freshmen.

To continue as a student employee, you will need to reapply each year.