Theatre Scholarships

The Theatre Department awards 10 or more Theatre scholarships each year, ranging from $1,000 to $3,000. These are merit-based, non-need-based, scholarships that are renewable up to four years based on a student’s entry to Seattle Pacific and are stackable with any other merit scholarship offered by the University. You do not need to major in Theatre to receive these scholarships, but you will be expected to contribute consistently to the Theatre program, onstage and backstage.

All theatre scholarships are awarded by an audition. Although all prospective and current students may audition, a theatre scholarship can be awarded only to students who have been admitted to Seattle Pacific. Auditions are for theatre scholarships only; you are not required to audition for entry into the Theatre program.

Information about applying and auditioning for scholarships

SPU Endowed Theatre Scholarships

The Theatre Department also awards endowed scholarships to students who have been accepted into the Theatre major at Seattle Pacific University. Since you must complete representative course work at SPU before you can be accepted into the Theatre major, these scholarships are available only to students currently attending Seattle Pacific.

Why Study Theatre?

Why Study Theatre?

Studying theatre, performing theatre, and otherwise engaging in the world and work of theatre will enrich your life and offer you many career and life opportunities.