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Good teachers become great teachers when they develop their knowledge through Continuing Education — crucial instruction that not only impacts personal development but also helps prepare students for making their way in the 21st century. Courses are site-based (face-to-face) or distance learning courses (structured synchronous dates, or self-paced online).

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Discover how values and ethics can play an integral part in your success with our continuing education (CE) business courses. For Faith & Co. CE business courses, we are currently offering fee-based courses for credit, as well as a non-credit course at no cost.


All CE courses require access to the following to complete course requirements: 

  • Internet connection
  • Personal email account
  • Personal computer equipment is required by the students. We do not provide any equipment.

Recommended Minimum Computer Specifications 

  • Processor - 2.3 - 2.6Ghz (Intel i3-4010U or AMD equivalent)
  • RAM (memory) - 4GB minimum
  • Storage - 250 - 500GB hard drive or larger

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium or Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

Recommended Accessories 

  • External Hard Drive for backup (500GB min) 
  • Cat-5 Ethernet Cable 

Commonly Used Programs 

  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Acrobat Reader

Visit the SPU Computer and Information Systems website for additional technology recommendations. 

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With extensive partnerships in place, SPU has trusted relationships with outside industry experts and education organizations. Please note: SPU fully accredits courses offered through continuing education.

Adventures in Education, Inc. 

Adventures In Education, Inc. is an organization dedicated to the advancement of excellence in teaching. Our primary objective is to provide unique and self-paced online Math, Science, and Technology courses that enable professional educators to apply the skills they acquire immediately. The approach taken is new, unique, and highly effective. Courses are aligned with teachers’ standards to renew a teaching license, advance their salary, and meet professional development requirements. 


ArmchairEd offers educators the opportunity to gain knowledge and increase their professional skills using cutting-edge publications and research with online professional development courses. ArmchairEd understands your desire to be proficient in new strategies and techniques without spending weekends and evenings in classes that take you away from home. 


CaseNEX, powered by Illuminate Education, is a pioneer in bringing case-method andragogy to teacher education and in delivering programs through a robust and cost-effective online platform. We grew out of research conducted at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education in 2000. The case method approach that we employ encourages participants to reflect on what works, to collaborate on the design of solutions to instructional challenges, and to assume a propensity for action.

CC Modeling Systems

Learn to build and teach your students to build simulations of dynamic feedback systems. CC Modeling Systems offers a sequence of 3 online System Dynamics modeling courses with a gentle introduction to teaching your students how to build models to study complex systems. Web-based modeling software allows teachers to get started immediately after the first course. The courses contain over 20 years worth of classroom tested lessons, models, and other resources that can be used in your instruction immediately.

College Courses Online

College Courses Online provides high-quality distance learning for teachers with university-level accreditation for graduate, non-degree credit hours or continuing education units in an “anywhere, anytime” online, independent study format. We are here for you, to help you meet your professional learning needs with a personal touch.

Dyslexic Advantage

The mission of Dyslexic Advantage is to promote the positive identity, community, and achievement of dyslexic people.

Executive Functioning Success (Sklar)

Our courses are targeted to help teachers and other professionals build the critical executive function skills of time management, planning, and organization from the perspective of the brain. All activities are carefully scaffolded, multi-sensory and hands-on to ensure that your students build the metacognition required to manage their time, plan for project deadlines, and complete their assignments. Additionally, these courses can help you as a teacher better understand how to manage your own time and improve organization!

The Innovative Northwest Teacher (TINT)

The Innovative Northwest Teacher (TINT) has offered graduate-level continuing education courses since 1978. Our goal is to reduce teacher burnout by sparking excitement for learning and teaching and by offering professional development that is relevant, practical, and meaningful. 


MusicFirst, the Digital Education Division of the Music Sales Group, was founded with one mission in mind: Offer music teachers and their students easy-to-use, affordable cloud-based solutions that enable music learning, creation, assessment, sharing, and exploration on any device at anytime, anywhere. With that in mind, we created the first-ever online teaching environment specifically created for music educators. The MusicFirst Online Classroom offers a huge library of engaging and interactive digital content, integrated software, patent-pending classroom management and assessment tools, and access to a safe and secure online learning environment that extends the physical classroom.

SCT Continuing Education Services

SCT provides distance learning opportunities for educators to help them with licensure renewal, salary advancement, and achieving their professional goals. Courses are offered in both print-based and online formats, and allow you to find relevant strategies to use immediately within your current educational setting.

Teacher Study

Teacher Study has been providing student management courses for educators since 2007 with a mission to teach courses for educators that are enlightening, engaging and practical to their day to day teaching, all while earning necessary certification hours or graduate credits. Teachers appreciate the straightforward approach to these classes and know that the expectation for each course will give them information and skills that can be applied immediately in their classrooms.

Virtual Education Software Inc. (VESi)

Self-paced and fully accredited, VESi's multimedia, interactive courseware is forging a new style of learning at a growing number of universities and learning centers. Educators and business professionals rely on VESi's expert instruction and the flexibility of e-learning to advance their careers to the next step or compensation level. International in scope, VESi is becoming the dominant provider for mandatory continued education courses. With new courses in the works, and an ever-expanding client list, it looks forward to helping more people achieve their educational and career goals.

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