Global Development Internships

As Global Development Studies Major, you are required to take at least 3 credits of internship relevant to your academic and career goals. Global Development Internships allow you to gain hands-on experience by applying classroom knowledge to real-world development problems. Interns work in public and private sectors as well as local, national, and international non-profit organizations.

Global Development Internships Help You...

  • Harness the skills, knowledge, and theoretical practice that you learned in classroom
  • Take on development challenges and prepare for a career in global development
  • Get the opportunity to connect and develop your professional network beyond the university
  • Understand global development both as a profession and as a calling

Global Development Internship Process

  1. Check with the Center for Career and Calling to learn about internship finding strategies.
  2. Locate the General Experience internship form on Handshake. Consider what you would like to learn (Learning Objectives) and do (Learning Activities) at your internship.
  3. When applying for internships, make sure that all your communications (e.g., emails, phone calls) are professional and enthusiastic.
  4. When you get an interview with a potential site supervisor, talk about why you want to do an internship at that site, and why you believe you would be a good fit for the site.
  5. When you are offered an internship, review the Learning Contract with the site supervisor, and complete each section of the contract together. Include information about the number of internship hours per week, the amount of supervision per week, the number of credits sought, the learning objectives, and the learning activities. Ensure that the supervisor can meet with you periodically throughout the internship for supervision and feedback.

The GDEV Learning Contract will be reviewed by the GDEV Faculty Internship Supervisor, and if approved, Student Academic Services will then help you register for the course. Once you find your internship experience, you need to read internship expectations and complete the General Experience Handshake form using the Completing the Global Development Contract Instructions (PDF).

Frequently Asked Questions

When am I eligible for a GDEV internship?

Global Development majors are encouraged to complete their internship experience during their junior or senior year. Internships are designed to be an advanced experience that builds on course preparation in global development. 

What are the criteria for GDEV internship? 

  • An internship setting and the activities you perform must be in the development field but can be in a variety of organizational types (e.g., public and private sectors as well as local, national, and international non-profit organizations). 
  • Your work must be overseen by an on-site supervisor.
  • You must meet with your on-site supervisor periodically throughout the internship.
  • Your supervisor must agree to provide ongoing formative evaluations and a formal final evaluation of your work.
  • The site must provide at least five hours of experiential learning per week and at least 50 hours during the quarter for one-credit. 

How many credits may I earn in a GDEV internship? 

The Global Development major requires a minimum of 3 internship credits; however, students may earn up to 6 credits for their internship experience.  The amount of credits that students are eligible to receive is directly connected to the number of hours worked at their internship site: 

  • 1 credit (3 - 5 hrs/week)
  • 2 credits (6 - 8 hrs/week)
  • 3 credits (9 - 11 hrs/week)
  • 4 credits (12 - 14 hrs/week)
  • 5 credits (15 - 20 hrs/week)
  • 6 credits (20 - 24 hrs/week)

GDEV Faculty Internship Supervisor

Mohammad Qadam Shah

Assistant Professor of Global Development
PhD, University of Washington

Phone: 206-281-2651
Office: McKenna Hall 202

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