Internship Requirement: Business
Administration Majors

BUS 2910: Internship and Career Strategies 

BUS 4942: Internship Reflection and Professional Development

BUS 2910 Internship and Career Strategies (1 credit)

  • Taken no later than your junior year. (We strongly recommend that this course be taken before you apply to the Business Administration major.)
  • One hour/week seminar.
  • No permission needed to register.
  • Offered every quarter.
  • Develop skills to find and compete for internships and jobs that are the best match for you.
  • Topics: résumés, cover letters, how to find opportunities, interviews, calling.
  • Explains the process and criteria for approval of internships for BUS 4942 credit.
  • Criteria for waiving the BUS 2910 requirement.

BUS 4942 Internship Reflection and Professional Development (1-5 credits)

  • BUS 2910 is a pre-requisite for BUS 4942.
  • Internships may be paid or unpaid.
  • Internship must include a significant level of responsibility that requires business coursework. Responsibilities must be more than filing, answering phones, photocopying and other routine responsibilities.

Internship positions that will not meet the criteria for BUS 4942 include:

  • Students working on their own without on-site supervision or training.
  • Less than 10 hours a week for 10 weeks in length.
  • Operations from a home office or that include personal errands as part of the job description.
  • Sales internships where students are required to use their own personal network to generate leads.
  • Internships that charge a fee or that require the student to purchase equipment or make an initial financial investment in the company.
  • Positions where the responsibilities are primarily routine, low-level tasks that do not require any business coursework.

Christina Longcor is the Business Internship instructor/sponsor, and she will make the final decision about the approval of your internship. If you have questions, contact her at 206-281-2270 or

To meet with Ms. Longcor, please call the Center for Career and Calling at 206-281-2485 to schedule an appointment.

BUS 4942 Registration Checklist

  • Before you begin your internship, you MUST get verbal/email approval from Christina Longcor.
  • Fill out the Internship Reflection Course Approval Form and obtain all necessary signatures, including Christina Longcor’s.
  • Submit your Internship Reflection Course Approval Form with all required signatures to Christina Longcor no later than the registration deadline for the quarter you will be taking BUS 4942.
  • BUS 4942 must be taken within one year of beginning your internship experience.

BUS 4942 Course Requirements

You are required to attend one of two scheduled Introductory Sessions and one of three final sessions. In the intro session you will receive the syllabus, go over course requirements and meet other interns.  In the final session, you will give a 7 minute presentation on your internship. 

If you are unable to attend the scheduled sessions, you must call 206-281-2485 to schedule an individual appointment with Christina Longcor. 

BUS 4942 Assignments

  • Attendance and participation (presentation as assigned) in two BUS 4942 sessions — one intro and one final/presentation session.
  • An up-to-date résumé incorporating your internship experience.