Course Sequence: Accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching Online

Candidates enrolled in the AMAT-Online program follow a course sequence designed to exceed the demands of today's classrooms. Graduates complete the program with knowledge and skills required for effective teaching, developed through integration of internship experiences, positive peer interdependence, and focused pedagogy for teaching primary and secondary students in a variety of endorsement areas. 

Routes to Certification

Applicants to the AMAT-Online program fit one of these profiles, though all routes require a bachelor's degree.

Route 2: Currently employed school-district or private-school staff members (such as paraeducators, instructional assistants, or education aides) with a minimum of one year of career-related experience

Route 3: Individuals not currently employed by a school district or private school (such as those considering career change)

Route 4: Teachers employed in a public school on a Conditional or Emergency Certificate or teachers employed in private schools

Core Courses

EDU 6918 Introduction to Teaching (2)
EDU 6150
General Inquiry, Teaching, and Assessment (3)
EDU 6132 Learners in Context (3)
EDU 6133
Diversity (3)
EDU 6134 Professional Issues  (2)
EDU 6139 Internship Seminar (2)
EDTC 6___
An approved educational technology course (3)
EDU 6945 Residency Student Teaching Internship (15)
Courses for the MAT Degree
EDU 6085 Moral Issues in Education (3)
EDU 6120 History of American Education (3)
EDU 6526 Survey of Instructional Strategies (3)

K–12 Secondary Endorsement

EDU 6130
Classroom Management (3)
EDRD 6530
Teaching Reading: Strategies of Instruction (3)
EDU 6160 Applied Inquiry, Teaching, and Assessment (3)
EDU 6136
Content Area Methods (3)
Courses for the MAT Degree
EDU 6524
Curriculum Design (3)
EDSP 6644 Educating Exceptional Students (3)

Elementary Endorsement

EDU 6130
Classroom Management (3)
EDU 6136
Content Area Methods (3)
EDMA 6432
Elementary Math Methods (3)
EDRD 6529 Teaching Reading Strategies of Instruction (3)
Courses for the MAT Degree
EDU 6524
Curriculum Design (3)

Special Education Endorsement

EDSP 6657 Behavior Management (3)
EDSP 6651 Special Education Assessment (3)
EDSP 6642
Individual Education Programs (3)
EDSP 6658 Issues in Special Education (2)
Courses for MAT Degree
EDRD 6530
Reading and Writing in the Content Areas (3)
EDSP 6652
Learning Disabilities and ADHD (3)

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Did You Know?

Help Icon SPU also offers a two-year, part-time MAT program to earn teacher certification and a master’s degree concurrently.