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Bryce Nelson

Bryce Nelson

Affiliate Associate Professor of Education


Education: BA, University of Washington, 1968; MAT, Northwestern University, 1969; PhD, University of Washington, 1981. At SPU since 2005.

Selected Publications

  • Nelson, Bryce. (2013 scheduled publication). Academic Library Administrator's Field Guide. Chicago: American Library Association.
  • McConachie, Lorne, & Nelson, Bryce. "Space Matters: Designing a High School Library for Learning." Educational Facility Planner, Volume 44: Issue 1.
  • Eisenberg, Michael, Meyers, Eric, Nelson, Bryce, & Saxton, Matthew. "Library and Information Services in Small High Schools: New Schools Require New Models." September, 2007. IMLS Report LG-02-04-0012-04.
  • Nelson, Bryce (1988). Good Schools: The Seattle Public School System, 1901–1930. Seattle: University of Washington Press.