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Amy Robertson

Amy Robertson

Research Associate Professor

Phone: 206-286-7347

Education: Education: BS, Physics, Baylor University, 2006; MS, Physics, University of Washington, 2008; PhD, Physics, University of Washington, 2011. At SPU since 2011.

Amy Robertson is a Research Associate Professor of Physics at Seattle Pacific University and coordinates the Learning Assistant Program for the introductory algebra- and calculus-based physics courses. Prior to coming to SPU, Robertson was a graduate student with the Physics Education Group at the University of Washington and a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow.

Dr. Robertson’s research interests center around instructional approaches that seek to understand and build on students’ intuitive ideas in science. She uses her research to support these approaches by (1) identifying, describing, and illustrating how students’ ideas can be the starting points for developing sophisticated scientific understandings and practices; by (2) studying the development of teaching practices that attend to students’ intuitive ideas and then identifying what supported that development; and by (3) understanding the relationship between this kind of instruction and other constructs in the literature. She is the co-editor of a book that synthesizes research on this approach to instruction: Responsive Teaching in Science and Mathematics.

Recently, Dr. Robertson has taught Independent Study: Theory and Research in Secondary Teacher Pedagogical Content Knowledge, Senior Project Laboratory, Science Teaching Immersion Experience, and Special Topics: Scientific Writing at Seattle Pacific.

Selected Publications

  • R. E. Scherr and A. D. Robertson, “The productivity of ‘collisions generate heat’ for reconciling an energy model with mechanistic reasoning: A case study,” Physical Review Special Topics – Physics Education Research 11 (1), 010111-1 – 010111-16 (2015).
  • C. E. Lovegren* and A. D. Robertson, “Development of Novice Teachers’ Views of Student Ideas As Sensible and Productive,” in 2013 Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings, edited by P. V. Englehardt, A. D. Churukian, and D. L. Jones (AIP, Portland, OR, 2013), pp. 225–228.
  • A. D. Robertson, E. P. Eppard*, L. M. Goodhew*, E. L. Maaske*, H. C. Sabo*, F. C. Stewart*, D. L. Tuell*, and S. T. Wenzinger*, “Being a Seattle Pacific University Learning Assistant: A transformative experience of listening and being heard,” American Physical Society Forum on Education Newsletter, Summer 2014 (2014).
  • A. D. Robertson, L. Atkins, D. Levin, and J. Richards, “What is Responsive Teaching,” in Responsive Teaching in Science and Mathematics, edited by A. D. Robertson, R. E. Scherr, and D. Hammer, Routledge: New York, NY (in press).
  • R. Russ, A. Elby, A. D. Robertson, J. Richards, M. J. Luna, and J. Walkoe, “Exploring diversity in researchers’ conceptualizations of responsive teaching,” under review for Cognition and Instruction (2015).
  • L. M. Goodhew and A. D. Robertson, “Content Knowledge for Responsive Teaching: Case Studies from K–12 Classroom Discussions of Energy,” submitted to Physical Review Special Topics – Physics Education Research (2015).
  • H. C. Sabo*, L. M. Goodhew, and A. D. Robertson, “University Student Conceptual Resources for Understanding Energy,” submitted to American Journal of Physics (2015).

Please view Dr. Robertson’s CV (PDF) for additional publications.