Program Outline: Master of Education (MEd)
in Literacy

In the MEd in Literacy degree program at SPU, students may start any quarter and are not required to take specific classes each quarter.

Program Components

Foundations and Research Core

  • EDU 6085 Moral Issues in Education (3)
  • EDU 6600 Communication and Collaboration (3)
  • EDU 6975 Interpreting and Applying Educational Research I (3)
    or EDU 6980 Applying Research in School Settings (3)
  • EDU 6525 Culturally Responsive Teaching (3)

Reading and Language Arts Core

  • EDRD 6506 Literacy Assessment and Standards (3)
  • EDRD 6507 Language Development Diversity and Literacy (3)
  • EDRD 6508 Vocabulary Development (3)
  • EDRD 6529 Teaching Reading: Strategies of Instruction (3)
  • EDRD 6530 Teaching Reading in the Content Areas (3)
  • EDRD 6531 Childrens and Young Adult Literature (3)
  • EDRD 6533 Teaching Writing: Process to Product (3)
  • EDRD 6641 Foundations of Reading Instruction (3)
  • EDSP 6653 Teaching Reading to Exceptional Students (3)

Elective Requirement

One 3-credit elective at the 6000 level is required in this program. You may add other courses if you wish to pursue a particular area of interest.

Practicum Experience

The practicum experience, EDRD 6980, is designed to give you an opportunity to apply the knowledge that you have gained in a classroom setting. It also meets several of the state competencies for the Reading endorsement.

Within this course, you will:

  • complete an independent field experience in literacy instruction, develop and teach a unit plan, and be formally observed by your course instructor as you teach a minimum of two lessons from that unit;
  • submit a portfolio that documents your ability to have a positive impact on student learning, as well as your knowledge and teaching skills in the Reading endorsement area.

Some students may choose to complete the Reading endorsement following completion of the MEd in Literacy, in which case students would replace the practicum with a 3-credit elective at the 6000 level.

Comprehensive Examination

The comprehensive examination is a tool to help synthesize and apply the information you have gained throughout the course of study. Most students take the exam during the last quarter of coursework or the quarter following. In order to take the comprehensive examination, you must have completed all of the required courses in the program.

Master's Thesis

A thesis is not required for this degree but is an elective option. It is a good choice for those intending to apply to a doctoral program or who have a comprehensive project pending at the district level, which will require quantitative or qualitative analysis.

Program Schedule

This program is designed to be completed within two years, including Summer Sessions. You must complete all requirements for the degree within six years.

Program Requirements

The MEd in Literacy is a rigorous 45-credit program. To complete the program, you will be required to:

  • hold a current teaching certificate;
  • complete coursework with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher;
  • complete all literacy coursework prior to beginning a practicum experience for the reading endorsement;
  • pass a comprehensive examination during the last quarter of coursework or the quarter following or complete a master's thesis (elective option).

Suggested Course Sequence

Your Eight-Quarter Plan may be customized to meet your needs.

MEd in Literacy Plus Reading Endorsement

Adding the Reading endorsement to your MEd degree requires passing the NES 104 exam in the Essential Components of Elementary Reading Instruction and a successful pedagogy assessment in the practicum experience.

MEd in Literacy Plus Teacher Certification

This option combines the required coursework for the MEd in Literacy with the required coursework (and internship experiences) for a Washington state Residency Teacher Certificate. The certification component is designed to be completed on a part-time basis over a two-year period through the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program. Following certification, your MEd in Literacy can be completed in approximately one additional year (see suggested course sequence in Elementary Certification, or see suggested course sequence for P–12 or Secondary Certification).

If you are interested in this program, you should select the Literacy (MEd with Teacher Certification) option on your application to indicate that you are seeking certification along with the MEd in Literacy.

Find information about this Program Overview, Program Outline, Suggested Course Sequence, and Admission Information.


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