Faculty Profile


Marie Holt

Instructor, Advanced Practice Nursing

Phone: 206-281-2610
Office: SHS 116

Education: BS, Davidson College, 1996; BSN, University of Maryland, 2001, MS, University of Maryland, 2003. At SPU since 2017.

Marie Holt began teaching at SPU as an adjunct faculty member in 2017 before becoming a full-time instructor in the graduate nursing program in the Summer of 2020. Marie has served as a clinical preceptor, faculty-clinical advisor, independent study faculty lead, and instructor in the series Advanced Health Assessment courses.

Marie earned her BS in Biology from Davidson College in North Carolina in 1996. After some reflection, she decided to pursue an advanced practice nursing degree. She completed an accelerated second bachelor program at the University of Maryland and earned her BSN in 2001. While working as a registered nurse, she returned to the University of Maryland and completed her MS in 2003 as a family nurse practitioner.

Marie is fully committed to attaining a doctoral degree and was accepted into the Doctoral Nurse Practitioner program at SPU in 2018. She deferred admission while she reflected on how to balance family, clinical practice, teaching, and pursuing her doctoral degree. Now that she is teaching full time in DNP program, she plans to get a year experience under her belt and pursue a PhD in Education.

Marie currently teaches graduate students in pathophysiology, advanced health assessment, disease management, and clinical seminar courses.

View Ms. Holt's CV (PDF) for additional information.

Why I Teach at SPU

Marie Holt, Graduate Nursing Instructor

"The transition from registered nurse to nurse practitioner is hugely challenging and rewarding. Now that I have clinical experience to draw from, I feel called to give back to this amazing profession. My hope is to encourage and inspire the next generation of nurse practitioners. The small class sizes at SPU, allow me to form personal relationships with each of my students. Partnering with students on their journey to provide support and mentorship is truly a privilege and blessing!"