Certification Exams and Pass Rates

As a graduate of the SPU graduate nursing program, you are eligible to sit for a variety of specialty certifications.

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Nurse Practitioner Graduates

In order to practice as a nurse practitioner, you must pass a national certification exam. Examinations are available through the American Nurse Credentialing Center and the American Association of Nurse Practitioners for adult/gerontology and family nurse practitioners in certification in primary care.  

Clinical Nurse Specialist Graduates

Certification is not required for practice as a CNS in all states but is available in a variety of specialty areas. See certifying bodies such as the American Nurse Credentialing Center for more details.

Undergraduate nursing student in class

Putting Your Degree to Work

The ANCC and AANP first-attempt pass rates are excellent for SPU nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist graduates.

In 2020, the first-attempt pass rate for SPU family nurse practitioner and adult/gerontology nurse practitioner graduates was 100 percent.