Clinical Learning Lab

The Nursing Clinical Learning Lab (CLL) is a simulated clinical environment for you to practice the application of nursing theory as a graduate nursing student. The CLL is a safe and inviting learning space where you can practice your nursing skills and advanced assessment techniques. Outside of course-related sessions, the CLL is available for independent, self-directed student practice. 

The CLL is approximately 4500 square feet of teaching and learning space that provides students and faculty with hands-on, interactive learning opportunities. The CLL features four different learning spaces: 

  • 8-bed skills training classroom with didactic space and adjacent medication room 
  • Flex training classroom with didactic space and 5 clinic exam tables 
  • Simulated clinic exam room 
  • Simulation suite with two simulation rooms, a medication/supply room, a control room, and a debriefing room 

As a graduate nursing student, you will primarily use the CLL during your health assessment coursework, using the flex classroom and the simulation suite (including the simulated clinic exam room). These courses teach the necessary skills and techniques to conduct a comprehensive physical assessment. Outside of class, you can use the CLL for independent, self-directed practice. 


The Flex Classroom features: 

  • Didactic learning space with integrated classroom technology 
  • Ritter® 204 Exam Table 
  • Clinton™ Industries Power Exam Tables 
  • Wall-mounted Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set with PanOptic Ophthalmoscopes and MacroView Otoscopes 
  • Brewer halogen exam lights 
  • Exam and physical assessment task trainers including a Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer and Rectal Exam Trainer 

The Simulated Clinic Exam Room features: 

  • Ritter® 204 Exam Table 
  • Welch Allyn Green Series 777 Integrated Wall Diagnostic System with wall aneroid sphygomomanometer, SureTemp® Plus 690 electronic thermometer, PanOptic ophthalmoscope and MacroView otoscope 
  • Brewer halogen exam light 
  • Integrated audiovisual (AV) recording system 

The Simulation Suite features: 

  • One simulated hospital room with functional headwall 
  • One simulated flex room 
  • Control room with large screen TV/monitor and 2 desktop computers 
  • Integrated audiovisual (AV) recording system 

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