Nursing Skills Lab

The Nursing Skills Lab is a realistic clinical environment for you to practice the application of nursing theory as a graduate nursing student. The lab is a safe and inviting learning space where you can practice your nursing skills and advanced assessment techniques. Outside of course-related events, the Nursing Skills Lab is reserved and available for independent, self-directed student practice.

As a graduate nursing student, you’ll primarily use the Nursing Skills Lab during your health assessment coursework. These courses teach the necessary skills and techniques to conduct a comprehensive physical assessment. Outside of class, you can use the lab for independent, self-directed practice.


The Nursing Skills Lab features:

  • A wireless adult patient simulator manikin, for use in simulating realistic patient care scenarios
  • A large-screen HD TV and Apple TV for instruction and simulation exercises, and an audiovisual recording system for skills assessment
  • 10 hospital beds
  • Two power exam tables with adjustable backrests and electric height adjustment, for practicing physical exam techniques

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