Exercise Science Minor

The Exercise Science minor is for students who intend to use the knowledge and information learned in this program not only to enhance their current major, but also to help prepare for possible future graduate studies in health-related or movement-related fields.

Exercise science


A minor in Exercise Science provides you with an understanding of the human body — including anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology. It is an ideal minor to complement your Health and Fitness major, an SPU applied science major, or any major SPU offers.

Course and degree requirements

Courses in this minor include two quarters of “Human Anatomy and Physiology,” “Exercise Physiology,” “Biomechanics,” “Responding to Emergencies,” and “Teaching Team and Individual Sports.” You will take 39 credits to earn a minor in Exercise Science, including 15 upper-division credits.

Prior to being accepted to this minor, you must have a minimum 2.5 GPA in at least 9 credits taken at SPU and applicable to this minor. Review all the requirements for a minor in Exercise Science.

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Dale Cannavan

Why I Teach at SPU

Dale Cannavan, Professor of Exercise Science

“I am fortunate to be involved in a profession that I love. This love for exercise science excites me, and being able to teach SPU students the things I know and love is hugely rewarding. If I can pass on a little of my excitement and enthusiasm for exercise science and life to my students, my role as an educator will be successful.”