Health and Fitness Education Minor

The Health and Fitness Education minor is for students interested in teaching health and fitness at a recreational camp, school, retirement facility, or community health organization. It can also be a first step in becoming a teaching professional with a focus on health and wellness. This minor also complements undergraduate programs, including an Exercise Science major or any major leading to teacher certification.



A minor in Health and Fitness Education provides you with key information about wellness, motor development, and movement. You will also learn teaching methods in a variety of physical activities.

A minor in Health and Fitness Education also provides you with skills related to organizing and administering wellness, sport, and exercise programs in the public and private sectors.

Course and degree requirements

Courses in this minor include “Functional Anatomy,” “Methods of Teaching Health,” and “Motor Learning and Development.” You will take 39 credits to earn a minor in Health and Fitness, including 15 upper-division credits. The HHP Department also recommends that you take the Exercise Science practicum (field experience in which you’ll observe and document how working professionals perform their jobs, with limited responsibilities as a student) and participate in an internship (more like a real job, where you’ll independently apply your skills and knowledge in the workplace).

Prior to being accepted to this minor, you must have a minimum 2.5 GPA in at least 9 credits taken at SPU applicable to this minor. Review all the requirements for a minor in Health and Fitness Education.

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What's a colloquium?

Majoring in Exercise Science or Health and Fitness Education? You'll present a research project at this event.