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Lynette Bikos

​Lynette Bikos

Associate Dean, School of Psychology, Family, and Community; Professor of Clinical Psychology; Director of Research

Phone: 206-281-2017
Office: Marston 133

Education: BA, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1987; MA, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1989; PhD, University of Kansas-Lawrence, 1996. At SPU since 2005.

Dr. Lynette Bikos teaches statistics, research methods, and psychometrics courses in the Clinical and Industrial-Organizational Psychology doctoral programs at Seattle Pacific University. She is a licensed psychologist in Washington and Kansas and Board Certified in Counseling Psychology.  Her expertise falls at the intersections of vocational, international, and positive psychology.

Dr. Bikos’ first love is career development.  At SPU Dr. Bikos engaged in both the science and practice of vocational psychology by supervising Graduate Career Advisors at SPU’s Center for Center for Career and Calling and in their work as facilitators for the new, CALLED!  Field Guide (Canvas edition).  In fact, Dr. Bikos is serving as a Principal Investigator of a random clinical trial evaluating differences between three versions of the Field Guide – particularly looking to see if the calling-infused version contributes to vocational outcomes over-and-above adjustment-to-college and traditional-career versions.

During a three-and-a-half year stay in Turkey, Dr. Bikos began a series of studies evaluating adaptation to expatriation. What began as a longitudinal investigation of adaptation to expatriation to a foreign country has expanded to include understanding expatriation and repatriation transitions of missionary families, particularly college-age missionary kids (MKs); the re-entry experiences of college students who study abroad (or participate in short-term mission and service projects); and the internationalization of the psychology curricula.

In an effort to close the science-to-service gap, Dr. Bikos and her research team work with nonprofit organizations to assist them in developing plans and systems for collecting and reporting program outcomes. Dr. Bikos has experience both internally (with program and research director positions) and externally (as a consultant) with organizations as they design and maintain program evaluations.

Across all these endeavors, Dr. Bikos is particularly interested in longitudinal modeling and has developed expertise in evaluating change-over-time using hierarchical linear modeling.

Dr. Bikos’ commitment to global begins at home.  Her family has hosted more than a dozen exchange students (and teachers).  She is an avid bicycle commuter, accruing over 2,000 miles annually in her trek to-and-from campus.  She also spends a fair amount of time experimenting the kitchen – particularly with international recipes.

​Selected publications

Bikos, L. H., Yamamoto, M., Dykhouse, E., & Sallee, O. (2016). Integrating off-campus international experience into on-campus coursework and research.  In D. Gross, K. Abrams, & C. Enns (Eds.), Internationalizing the Undergraduate Psychology Curriculum:  Practical lessons learned at home and abroad (pp. 199-216).  Washington D. C.:  American Psychological Association.

Bikos, L. H., Rodney, H., Gowen, M., Yamamoto, Y., & Dykhouse, E. C. (2015). Effects of searching, faith, and time on the presence of calling in international service learning returnees.  Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 34 (4), 325-339.

Bikos, L. H., Haney, D.M., Kirkpatrick-Husk, K., & Hsia, S. (2014) A qualitative evaluation of the 4-H Record Book in light of the PYD Concepts: Belonging, Mastery, Independence, and Generosity. Journal of Youth Development: Bridging research and practice, 9(2), 99–115. Retrieved from

Bikos, L. H., Haney, D., Edwards, R.W., North, M. A., Quint, M., & McLellan, J. (2014). Missionary Kid career development: A CQR investigation through a social cognitive lens. The Career Development Quarterly, 62(2), 156–174. doi:10.1080/21635781.2013.83524

Tillman, J. & Bikos, L. H. (2014). Explaining research utilization among 4-H faculty, staff, and volunteers:  The role of self-efficacy, learning goal orientation, training, and previous experience.  Journal of Youth Development: Bridging research and practice, 9(2), 133-148. Retrieved from

Bikos, L. H., DePaul Chism, N. F., Forman, R. L., & King, D. R.(2013). Internationalizing the U.S. psychology curriculum: A qualitative investigation of faculty perspectives. International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation, 2(2), 116-131. doi: 10.1037/a0032288

Bikos, L. H., & Kocheleva, J.(2013). Life role salience and well-being among American expatriate spouses in Turkey, Journal of Career Development, 40(2), 107-126.doi: 10.1177/0894845311427906

Please view Lynette Bikos’ CV (PDF) for additional publications.

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Lynette Bikos, Professor of Clinical Psychology

“Mentoring doctoral students in clinical and industrial-organizational psychology in their research projects is a privilege for which I am deeply grateful. We work at the leading edge of our disciplines, asking novel questions and using cutting-edge statistical approaches to analyze and interpret the results.”