Faculty Profile

Paul Yost

Paul​ R. Yost

Associate Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology; Director of Applied Learning and Development

Phone: 206-378-5494
Office: Marston 121

Education: BA, Seattle Pacific University, 1987; MA, University of Maryland, 1992; PhD, University of Maryland, 1996. At SPU since 1999.

Dr. Paul Yost has current research and work focus in three broad areas — strategic talent management, leadership development, and change management.

He is the co-author of two books: Real Time Leadership Development and Experience-Driven Leader Development. Before teaching, Dr. Yost served as senior research specialist at Microsoft with responsibilities in talent management, executive assessment, and leadership development. He also managed leadership research with The Boeing Company, where his work focused on leadership training and development, training evaluation, and employee surveys.

Other positions include Management Consultant at GEICO, with work in leadership program design, selection, and organizational development; and Battelle Research, where he was a research associate doing work in team development, survey research, and program assessment.

​Selected publications

Yost, P.R., Yoder, M., Chung, H., & Voetman, K., (2015). Narratives at work: Story arcs, themes, voice, and lessons that shape organizational life. Consulting Psychology Journal: Practice and Research, 67, 163-188.

Yost, P.R. (2014). Leading from where you are: Driving on-the-job development into your whole organization. In M. M. McCall & C.D. McCauley (Eds.). Using Experience to Develop Leadership Talent (pp. 114–136). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

McCauley, C.D., DeRue, D.S., Yost, P.R., & Taylor S. (2013). Experience-driven leader development: Models, tools, best practices, and advice for on-the-job development. San Francisco, CA: John Wiley & Sons.

Yost, P.R., McLellan, J., Ecker, D., Chang, G.C., Hereford, J., Roenicke, C., Town, J. & Winberg, Y. (2011). HR interventions that go viral. Journal of Business and Psychology, 26, 233–239.

McKenna, R.B., Yost, P.R., & Boyd, T. N. (2007). Leadership development and clergy: Understanding the events and lessons that shape pastoral leaders. Journal of Psychology & Theology, 35, 179–189.

Please view Dr. Yost’s CV (PDF) for additional publications. 

Paul Yost

Why I Teach at SPU

Paul Yost, Associate Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology

“I teach at SPU because it is a community that cares deeply about each other, is committed to excellent scholarship and teaching, is open to having real conversations in class, and does it all because God cares so much for us.”