Become an Internship Site

Students at a computer

Internship sites must:

  • Provide our students with as diverse a clientele as possible. During the 18- to 21-month internship, you will need at least 500 direct client-contact hours, 250 of which with couples and/or families.
  • Provide individual supervision from a supervisor at least every other week as part of the supervision team. You are required to have 100 hours of supervision, 50 of which are individual and occur at the internship site.

During supervision, we utilize live observation of sessions, as well as review of videorecorded sessions. You will need to fulfill these requirements by videorecording your sessions and having access to necessary equipment.

Each internship site will provide an orientation to interns, acculturating them to paperwork, site policies, and procedures. Sites usually send one or more supervisors to attend SPU MFT meetings for site supervisors, and participate in the biannual Internship Day.

Interested in becoming an internship site? Contact Peter Rivera, PhD, director of internships, at 206-281-2631 or to discuss the requirements for sites and supervisors.