You may earn a certificate in Medical Family Therapy during or after completion of the Marriage and Family Therapy program.

MedFT 2+1 Year Program Plan (PDF)
MedFT 3 Year Program Plan (PDF)
MedFT 3+1 Year Program Plan (PDF)


  • Psychopharmocology (required for MFT degree; may be taken to fulfill an elective requirement) (3)
  • Collaboration Between Therapists and Physicians: The Basics (0)
  • Interviewing for Biopsychosocial and Spiritual Care (1)
  • Motivational Interviewing to Improve Patient and Family Health (1)
  • Psychopharmacology for Mental Health Professionals (0)
  • Family Therapy Tools for Treating Medical Illnesses (1)
  • The Brain Savvy Therapist (1)
  • Marketing Your Practice to Physicians (1)
  • Spirituality and Health (1)
  • 12-month Clinical Practicum (8)

Total credits: 16

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