Marriage and Family Therapy Graduates

If you hold a graduate degree in marriage and family therapy, you will only need to complete the core courses and internship (16 credits) to receive the Medical Family Therapy certificate. Classes may be taken individually, as well.

Physicians, Allied Health, and Clergy

If you have received graduate training in social work, behavioral science, theology, nursing, or medicine, you will undertake a review of your prior classes. Depending upon past coursework, additional credits in systems theory and family therapy may be needed.

For most students, the certificate can be completed over a two-year period with two to three classes per quarter during the first year and practicum during the second year.


  • Collaboration Between Therapist/Physician (1)
  • Interviewing for Biopsychosocial and Spiritual Care (1)
  • Motivational Interviewing to Improve Patient and Family Health (1)
  • Psychopharmocology for Mental Health Professionals (1)
  • Family Therapy Tools for Treating Medical Illnesses (1)
  • The Brain Savvy Therapist (1)
  • Marketing Your Practice to Physicians (1)
  • Spirituality and Health (1)
  • 12-month Clinical Practicum (8)

Total credits: 16

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