BA/MA for Christian Ministry

Are you called to be a pastor? Our Accelerated Pastoral Degree Program (APDP) is a streamlined degree path which offers a BA in Christian Theology and MA in Christian Ministry, preparing you in five years for senior leadership in a local congregation.

Earn a BA in Christian Theology and an MA in Christian Ministry in Only 5 Years

Because a number of the courses offered count for both degree programs, you will be able to complete this combined degree in an accelerated timeline, graduating with both degrees within five years instead of six. The Christian Theology (BA) to Christian Ministry (MA) program offers these benefits:

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Significantly reduces the financial burden of a formal theological education.

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Eliminates curriculum redundancy by integrating an educational model that builds upon previous years of learning and experience.

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Increases opportunities for practical field experience through contextual ministry education, preparing you to thrive in diverse ministry contexts.

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Participate with other students who are pursuing the same degree.

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Faculty Contact

Douglas Koskela

Professor of Theology
PhD, Southern Methodist University

Phone: 206-281-2261
Office:  Alexander & Adelaide Hall 212


The Triple A Model: Academy, Abbey, Apostolate®

Founding Dean, Dr. Doug Strong, reflects upon the initial vision of Seattle Pacific Seminary, known as the “The Triple A Model: Academy, Abbey, Apostolate®.” This way of doing theological education focuses on an interplay of scholarship, spiritual edification, and service learning.