What Student Leaders Say About Wesleyan Small Groups

SPU students like you have grown spiritually and in community through leading a Wesleyan Small Group.

Tiffany Blanco

Name: Tiffany Blanco

Soul Care has been a great blessing in my life. It has guided me into a deeper understanding of what it means to come to Christ and to others as I am, and to a deeper understanding of listening. Being a leader, I have experienced a huge transformation in the way I encounter others, as I see firsthand the importance of listening to the variety of realities of what it is like for others to live in the world today. SoulCare brings listening, fellowship, and presence to another level; it transforms a group of individuals into a community in which we look inward, and we nurture a sacred space where we are free to be ourselves and come as we are - a unique and special gift to our campus.


Diana Alvarado Guerrero

Name: Diana Alvarado Guerrero

My experience with SoulCare has been a blessing because it gives me a sense of fulfillment since I had felt God calling me to do something new, something a bit out of my comfort zone. I decided that would be SoulCare, and it has been a great experience. I have grown in compassion because being a WSG leader allows me to remember the humanity of people. When I was a freshman, one of the reasons I enjoyed being a member of my WSG was because of the diversity in my group. If I can be one of the reasons someone else feels a sense of comfort in a WSG, then I count that as a big blessing as well. Seeing the weeks go by and how people grow and share more with each other is a gift because I see the transformation in them and I often learn something new about myself. I enjoy being a WSG leader because although I never know what good the meeting will bring, I always walk out with a smile.


Kenzie Chan

Name: Kenzie Chan

SoulCare has provided me with a fiercely loving, deeply intimate, and unabashedly Christ-centered community. My mentor, professors, and fellow leaders have invested deeply in me, equipping me with the tools to grow into my potential as a leader. Being immersed in this community has been such a blessing, especially in the midst of the chaotic and hectic life of a student! The meetings with both my mentor group and Wesleyan Small group are the highlights of my week, and through them I have been consistently challenged to cultivate a sacred space, embrace vulnerability, and be my most authentic self.


Cecily Jones

Name: Cecily Jones

SoulCare has been one of the most surprising blessings in my life that keeps giving back. Being placed in a WSG my freshman year, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I quickly grew to love my group and leader and the space provided to connect with others, myself, and my faith in ways I hadn't considered before. I chose to become a leader because I wanted to find and build community, somewhere I felt seen and valued for what I brought to the table. Being from a very small major, I struggled with finding that sense of community, so when I heard the possibility of being a WSG leader I jumped on it. I was offered the chance to participate in something I felt made a difference within the SPU culture and blessed me with an amazing team to work with and friendships along the way. I’ve been blessed through involvement with student life and meeting new people I wouldn't have other ways. I’ve been blessed with community, the one thing I wanted most, and the ability to feel proud and confident in what I offer. SoulCare has been amazing to participate in and I'm excited to see what it continues to bless me with.


Ashley Tayor

Name: Ashley Tayor

Being a part of SoulCare has opened my eyes to the lived experiences of others, how those experiences connect us to each other, and how the experiences impact our faith and faith expression. As a life-long learner who longs to feel the Holy Spirit at work in my life, the role of WSG leader has been a blessing as I've experienced the joys of showing love and providing support to others regardless of their background or identity. Being in a leadership role in the SoulCare program has helped me better understand and accept my calling as I practice using my faith to provide a safe and loving environment for others. My experience in SoulCare has allowed me to develop my understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion by placing me in groups that are diverse in every aspect of human existence; this has reawakened my longing to be a part of faith community, because after hearing the thoughts, feelings, and experiences of others, I’ve realized that I may be unique—but I am not alone.


Luke Henry

Name: Luke Henry

It is difficult to put into words how much of a blessing being a part of SoulCare has been in my life. SoulCare has provided me with a safe and loving environment to grow as a person and follower of Christ. I have not been pressured, but rather challenged by SoulCare to step into new environments with a selfless mindset and genuine interest in others' well-being. SoulCare has given me the opportunity to have a positive impact on people’s lives in a legitimate and meaningful way each week. I understand the significance of community more than ever before by seeing firsthand how it can positively impact me and others. I am truly thankful for the skills and blessings SoulCare has given me that will influence me for the rest of my life.



Name: Gideon Seyoum

Participating as a SoulCare leader has been an enormous blessing as it has given me a new way to minister to others as a follower of Christ, and to understand my peers better. Before joining SoulCare, my perception of campus life was largely colored by my major and my friend group. However after joining SoulCare I have been blessed with the ability to connect with more students on campus and broaden my perspective of the SPU community. Being able to share faith journeys with others inspired my final synthesis project titled, Refraction of God’s Light, where I artistically represented my experience leading a WSG and God’s ability to use our different experiences to spread the gospel. To illustrate this, I used the physical phenomena of light refraction in which several light rays pass through a convex lens and refract to create an image. This imagery communicates how various conversations with people, shared memories, and situations that may seem unconnected, especially during those afternoons in my WSG, have refracted into a revelation of Christ. Being in SoulCare has greatly informed my on-campus experience and broadened my perspective on what it means to minister to others.