Current Walls Professor: Robert W. Wall

Rob Wall addressing Walls Lecture attendees

A Seattle native, Dr. Wall was educated at Valparaiso University (BA), Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM, ThD), and Perkins School of Theology (additional graduate study). He is an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church and enjoys an active ecumenical ministry of preaching and teaching adult Bible studies in congregations of various faith traditions.

Dr. Wall has worked out his calling through four decades of teaching, research, and service at SPU. He centers his calling on teaching, which he describes as “introducing theological reading of the Bible as a sacred and holy text.”

His theological interpretation of scripture emanates from a distinctively Wesleyan lens. This ecclesial approach to theological interpretation animates his research agenda, his service to the university, and his detailed focus on student learning in the classroom.

A self-confessed “intuitive” teacher, Dr. Wall constantly monitors and adjusts lectures and assignments in his courses. He has mentored many undergraduate and seminary students, preparing them for further graduate studies. Most of this close work with students has occurred quietly, and without fanfare.

The body of Dr. Wall’s published work is astounding, in the range of subjects covered, in the depth of research devoted to each subject, and in the principle that energizes all of it — namely, that biblical interpretation and theological reflection be in service of the classroom and the church, not only the professional guild.

In fact, while Dr. Wall is a leading New Testament scholar (as evidenced by his membership in the Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas [SNTS] and his presidency of the Wesleyan Theological Society), he is one of just a few biblical professors who is as known for his commitment to his Christian faith as he is for his contributions to the academy. Nonetheless, he is the author of 15 books and dozens of articles.

As the Paul T. Walls chairholder, Rob Wall’s service extended to the larger community of Seattle, providing a rich resource of understanding of Wesleyan approaches to theology, the church, and the scripture, through the annual Walls Lectures, and through his writing.

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Rob Wall

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Rob Wall, Paul T. Walls Professor of Scripture and Wesleyan Studies

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