Cost of Attendance 2018–19

Understanding the cost of your theological education is essential to helping you practice wise financial planning and stewardship. Good financial planning at the beginning of your program — including determining how you will pay for your schooling (e.g., savings, scholarships and grants, or through employment) and how you will minimize your reliance on student loans, will play a significant role toward enabling you to pursue your particular calling and vocation in Christian ministry and leadership without being adversely impacted by your educational debt.

The information below provides an estimate of your annual expenses per academic year as a student of Seattle Pacific Seminary, excluding medical insurance. The chart assumes an average number of 9 credits taken per quarter of theology courses (i.e., THEO credits).

Nine-month expense budget


  • Cost on/off campus: $13,905
  • Cost living at home:$13,905


  • Cost on/off campus: $150
  • Cost living at home: $150

Room and board

  • Cost on/off campus: $11,781
  • Cost living at home: $3,669

Books and supplies

  • Cost on/off campus: $1,041
  • Cost living at home: $1,041


  • Cost on/off campus: $1,065, estimated
  • Cost living at home: $1,065, estimated


  • Cost on/off campus: $1,938, estimated
  • Cost living at home: $1,665, estimated

Average loan fee

  • Cost on/off campus: $186
  • Cost living at home: $186


  • Cost on/off campus: $30,066
  • Cost living at home: $21,681

Most fees are one-time only and/or charged when a student takes a specific class. The fees were therefore added together and divided across three years. For a detailed view of all the fees you can expect to pay through-out your program, you view the Tuition and Fees page

Medical insurance fees

The Affordable Care Act has changed SPU’s ability to offer health insurance to our students. Unfortunately, this means there will not be a health insurance plan offered to domestic (American) undergraduates or graduate students for the 2016–17 academic year.

In accordance with the national health care reform, Washington state has launched the Washington Health Benefit Exchange to assist people in obtaining affordable individual health insurance. These will be individual plans, not plans offered by SPU.

All international students and their dependents, as well as undocumented students, are required to enroll in the University student medical insurance plan year-round (including vacation periods). Exceptions to this policy require documentation of a comparable plan. Waivers may be obtained only at Health Services and must be completed by the fifth day of the quarter. Students who have not received a waiver automatically will be charged the health insurance premium fee.

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