Asian American Ministry Program: Academy


Seattle Pacific Seminary offers courses toward two degrees: the Master of Divinity and the Master of Arts. Our courses are designed to equip you to think critically, contextually, and constructively about your witness to the gospel within the modern world and within the cultural location of Asian Americans.

These courses will cultivate your theological understanding — through reflection — on issues of race, identity, and culture, and on the life and faith of Asian and Asian American Christian communities. This study provides a meaningful context for comprehending the experiences of Asian Americans and for strengthening your cultural intelligence.

In addition, the program leads immersion experiences in Asia that expose you to the Global Christian movement and illuminate your understanding of Asian and Asian American history, culture, spirituality, and missional practices.

Our current course offerings include:

  • THEO 6003: Discipleship and Mission in Context. This course is designed to enhance students’ practical theology of service and mission in the context of the history, culture, and faith of Asian American communities.

  • THEO 6510: Theology, Race, and Culture. This course examines the relationship between the ministry of the church and the complicated realities of race and culture in the modern world. The course will trace the development and varying interpretations of racial and cultural identity through theological and non-theological materials as well as cultivate a theological  framework to negotiate these realities in the church and the world.

  • THEO 6943: Cross-cultural Immersion Experience (Seoul, South Korea). This course will examine the historical, cultural, and theological facets of Korean Christianity. Students will travel to Seoul to study the genealogy and current expressions of Korean Christianity, while also participating in the spiritual and missional practices of these Christian communities. As part of this course, students will then be challenged to re-examine their own Christian context in North America for the purpose of critically reflecting on their understanding of Christian formation and mission.


“The traditional face of American Evangelicalism is changing. An ever higher percentage of U.S. Evangelicals — perhaps nearing a third of the total — are Asian, African, Latin American, or Pacific Islander. ”
Rev. Dr. Soong-Chan Rah
The Next Evangelicalism