I. Mentorship and Counseling Reimbursement Policy

SPS students may request to meet with a pastoral mentor to support their vocational and professional discernment process at no expense. These assignments are limited to three formal meetings with an assigned mentor per academic year, and are arranged with an understanding that they will forgo the funds that might otherwise be available to reimburse any counseling or spiritual direction services.

As an alternative to the mentoring, Seattle Pacific Seminary (SPS) offers to provide a 50% reimbursement for expenses that students incur for counseling and/or spiritual direction. This reimbursement is available for up to $300 per student for each academic year enrolled in the Seminary. SPS cannot recommend a specific therapist or spiritual director, but provides a list of counselors known to the Seminary and are sympathetic to a Christian faith commitment. SPS is not responsible for the quality of the counseling received.

SPS students will be eligible to take advantage of this mentorship or counseling reimbursement benefit for up to three years total, or nine total quarters.

II. Eligibility Criteria:

In order to be eligible to submit receipts for reimbursement, students of SPS must:

  1. Be admitted to a master degree or the Graduate Certificate in Christian Studies program of SPS in Winter 2015 or later.
  2. Be enrolled in a minimum of five credits of THEO courses (i.e. classes offered by the School of Theology) during each quarter of your first-year, and six credits of THEO courses thereafter unless otherwise approved by the Dean, Associate Dean, or Director of SPS.
  3. Obtain (and retain in your records) signed approval for reimbursement by meeting with SPS Director, Academic Dean, or Dean.

These are continual requirements and must all be met – that is, if any requirement is not met, eligibility is rescinded (e.g. if you have approval from SPS staff and lower your credit load below the eligibility requirements, you become ineligible. However, once you raise your credit load to the minimum required load you become eligible again).

III. Getting Reimbursements Set Up

In order to be able to turn in receipts for reimbursements, students of SPS must:

  1. Meet with the SPS Director, Associate Dean, or Dean to discuss need, review the policy, answer any questions, and sign the contract. Once your request has been approved, the SPS Director, Associate Dean, or Dean will notify the SPS Program Coordinator of eligibility status.
  2. You may then begin to submit counseling receipts to the SPS Program Coordinator. The SPS Program Coordinator will process receipt(s) and issue reimbursements directly to the student; the Seminary will not compensate counselors directly.

IV. Reimbursement Policy & Deadlines:

Reimbursements for counseling apply to counseling provided between the first day of instruction of the Fall quarter through June 1 of each school year after September 26, 2016. There is no reimbursement of Summer counseling.

Important: students are required to submit receipts quarterly (i.e. Fall counseling cannot be reimbursed in Winter) and no later than the last day of class instruction at the end of each quarter. Failing to abide by this policy results in no reimbursement. See Academic Calendar on SPU website to find current end-of-quarter dates.

To obtain reimbursement, submit receipts to the SPS Program Coordinator. Reimbursements will be issued directly to the student. The seminary will not compensate counselors directly. Total reimbursement amount will not exceed $300 per academic year. No reimbursement will exceed 50% of the total counseling costs submitted in the receipts. SPS students can receive mentorship or the counseling reimbursement benefit for up to three years total, or nine total quarters.

If students have further questions about the SPS Mentorship and Counseling Reimbursement Policy, please contact the Director of SPS, Rev. Derick Harris ( directly.

Mentoring and Counseling Reimbursement Policy and Contract