2013 Senior Honors Projects

University Scholars’ senior honors projects represent advanced work in their individual majors and engage in reflections on their faith and learning. These are the projects of the 2013 University Scholars.

Tim Carlson — Investment Framework for the African Diaspora

Marjorie Diddams — Immigration and Changing Social Currents: The Case of France

Chelsea Elzinga — Isolation and Formation of an Alternative Universal Identity: The Art of Nancy Spero and Annette Messager

Hope Estes — Making Sense of the “War on Women”

Samuel Fullhart — Distinguishing Morality From Convention: Evidence for Nativism

Joel Hart McReynolds — Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Machines From an Electrical Engineering Perspective

Hailey Moore —Holy Aesthetics: Applied Russian Iconography

Hilary S. Morris — Dostoyevsky’s Redemptive Femininity Through a Dickensian Lens: A Discussion of Western Ideologies Infiltrating Eastern Thought

Jeremy Paige — Power Performance and Projection

Timothy Perisho — No Free Fine-Tuning: Fundamental Problems in Dembski’s Intelligent Design

Christine Pinho — Female Genital Cuttings: Recognizing Variation in Practice and Context, Reshaping Discourse, and Forging New Policy

Jessica Robertson — Mental Health in Primary Care: Cultural Barriers to Communication Between Latino Patients and Physicians

Brittany Steckel — Adolescent Pregnancy Unraveled: The Underlying Psychological and Sociological Factors and the Efficacy of Intervention Programs

Rachel Tompkins — Defanging Fear: Sherlock Holmes as Crime Writing in Its Cultural Context

Stephanie E. Vis — Repealing “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”: Impact on Unit Cohesion in the United States Military

Lauren Wilford — Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov and Screenplay Adaptation Process