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FAQ About Jobs During COVID

FAQ about internships during COVID are now here

Are employers still hiring right now for jobs and internships?

Yes! While industries are impacted differently by COVID and some have reduced hiring, Handshake reports that the majority of employers are still evaluating the impact to their hiring plans.

Who’s hiring?

*A note about employers freezing hiring: Don't give up on them! They may still be hiring for some departments, and this landscape changes quickly. In this 7-minute video, Bill Burnett, Stanford professor and co-author of Designing Your Life, gives an example of this with a company he spoke to recently.

The best way in? Request an informational interview with a member of the company to hear their story, and express your interest in them. Here are some sample emails to reach out.

What remote opportunities are available?

What's the best way to job search during this time?

Reach out to professionals that interest you.

  • 80% of jobs aren’t posted online!
  • Connecting with professionals who genuinely interest you is the best way to learn about industries and to get jobs. After 5-10 informational interviews, you’ll start to see a difference in your life.
  • In this 7-minute video, Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, Stanford professors and co-authors of Designing Your Life, explain why this is the smartest way to spend your time right now.
  • How to find people? Use the LinkedIn Alumni Tool to reach out to SPU alums in fields that interest you, and the Handshake Peer Messaging Tool to connect with students and alums at other universities. Or, just search company websites for contact info!
  • Here’s some sample language for reach-out emails.
  • "Can you break through the COVID barrier? The answer is no. But powerful people can pull you through it. And the only reason they're going to pull you through is they think you're interesting, and the only way they found out you're interesting is you had a life design conversation [/informational interview] with them." - Dave Evans, Stanford professor and co-author of Designing Your Life

Update your profiles & materials.

Grow your skills and get experience

  • Employers tell us they want to know how you’re using your time during COVID. We expect it will be an interview question for years to come.
  • Skills are becoming more and more valued by employers; not just GPA.
  • Lost an internship? Make a list of what skills you think you would have gained there. Explore what's available to help build those skillsets online through platforms like LinkedIn Learning and Coursera, or through personal projects, volunteering, or meaningful conversations.

Attend virtual events

Be flexible and watch growth industries

  • If your Plan A is in an industry that’s temporarily stymied, consider a Plan B, C, or even D that interests you right now. 
  • This doesn’t mean to go work in an industry you hate, as this won’t last forever.
  • But pay attention to which industries are growing right now. One tip is to notice the industries that are changing quickly, like telehealth medicine and K-12 online learning, but don’t yet have the resources to support the scale of their demand.

Reflect, use this opportunity, and keep going

  • Focus on what you CAN control for yourself and your job search right now.
  • Give yourself positive structure: enough sleep, regular meals, exercise, at least 15 minutes of quiet time to connect with yourself each day through prayer, meditation, yoga, etc. This is naturally a moment of great reflection for all of us. Use that to check in with yourself, and consider how you want to use this time.
  • What would you love to try or build right now? It may seem strange, but this could be an ideal opportunity for life design. What are some of your wildest, most exciting ideas? Maybe a startup; a nonprofit; a book or code or piece of music you want to write; or joining an organization you’re interested in? Use this time to build it and test it out!
  • Set aside some regular time each week to work on your career. Make small goals that are manageable right now — or, as Designing Your Life co-authors Bull Burnett and Dave Evans put it, "Set the bar low and clear it often."
  • Then trust in the Persistence Effect: that if you keep showing up, doing the things we’ve listed here, you will build forward in your career, even if results come in a different way than you expected.

Reach out for support

  • We know this is hard. The hiring process is slower for most industries right now and it's easy to feel down. But take a breath, be patient with yourself, and stay in the game. 
  • And don’t go it alone! We at the CCC are here, we care, and we'd love to support you. You can do this!