Cover Letters

Whenever you send a résumé to a potential employer — whether you mail, email, fax, or hand-deliver it — be sure to include a carefully crafted cover letter.

Why a Cover Letter?

Why is a cover letter important? A good cover letter communicates things your résumé can’t, including:

  • Your strong interest in the position
  • Your keen understanding of what the position entails
  • Your thorough understanding of the company
  • Your self-confidence
  • How you will add value to the organization
  • Additional information about you that’s relevant to the job

Your cover letter will probably serve as your potential employer’s first impression of you. A well-written cover letter adds professionalism, a personal touch, and a competitive edge to your job search.

Tips for Preparing Your Cover Letter

  • Be clear and concise. Choose your words carefully, and delete any that aren’t pulling their weight.
  • Be professional. Take care to demonstrate that you are a professional who is serious about your interest in the job.
  • Address the letter to a specific person in the organization. Address the letter by name (double-check the spelling) to the person doing the hiring.
  • Refer to your résumé and to the job description. Show how your skills, strengths, education, and experience match the requirements of the job description.
  • Demonstrate your basic knowledge of the organization.
  • Read your cover letter aloud. Get the opinion of a friend, faculty member, or professional in the field — is it compelling, or ho-hum?
  • Proofread carefully at least twice. If possible, ask someone else with good language skills to proof it also.
  • Invest in good printing and stationery. If you’re mailing or hand-delivering your application materials, print the cover letter on the same paper as your résumé.

Sample Cover Letters

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