After the Interview


Make each interview a learning experience. After the interview, evaluate what you did well and what you need to improve.

Send a Thank-You Note

Within 24 hours of the interview, send a thank-you note to each person who interviewed you.


If you have not heard back in a week or so, or you have an alternative decision to make, it is perfectly correct to call and inquire.

Second Interview

Generally after a first interview, those screened will have a longer second interview. You will usually meet with a variety of people with whom you could be working. They usually don’t have the power to hire you, but their input is considered. The time tends to be less formal, more relaxed, but remain on your toes!

About 60 percent of those invited to a second interview are hired. Arrangements can be more complex, so be sure you understand exactly what you need to know. If you’re unsure about anything, call the person who invited you for the interview.

Congratulations! You Got an Offer!

It’s customary to ask for a few days to consider an offer. Express your enthusiasm for the job and interest in the organization, and agree on a specific deadline for your answer. Be sure to get the offer in writing. More about salaries.