Mock Interview Program

The Mock Interview Program allows undergraduate students and alumni the opportunity to practice interview skills and receive feedback in a safe, supportive environment.Mock interviews are a “dress rehearsal” for an actual interview, and require special arrangements with the CCC. The first 20–30 minutes will be a simulated interview experience, and the remaining 20–30 minutes will be dedicated to feedback and coaching.

Before scheduling a mock interview, you will need to know the basics for strong interviewing and how to prepare. Review our interview tips and prepare as you would for a real interview.  If this is your first experience with a professional interview, you might consider scheduling a career counseling appointment for coaching prior to scheduling a mock interview.

Make an appointment by contacting the CCC, and specify that you would like a “mock interview appointment,” as special arrangements need to be made.

Email your résumé and the job description that you are preparing to interview for to the CCC at at least two business days prior to your appointment so that the interviewer will have time to prepare specific questions.

On the day of your mock interview wear professional attire, bring a hard copy of your résumé and arrive as you would for an actual interview. The interviewer will treat you as if they are the recruiter, so be on your toes from the start! 

Note: If you would like to record your interview, please bring a USB drive with 4 GB of available memory to your appointment. You may also choose to record your interview on your own mobile device, such as your cell phone.

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