Other Kinds of Interviews

Phone Interviews

Employers in many fields initially screen applicants by phone, and sometimes your phone rings without warning. Some strategies for successful phone interviews:

  • Be on a landline if possible.
  • Be in a quiet place where you can concentrate and won’t be interrupted.
  • Sit at a table; have your résumé, paper, and pen close by.
  • Write down the name(s) of the person(s) interviewing you; refer to them by name to help build a connection.
  • Check out this infographic for more tips on phone interviewing.

Lunch or Dinner Interviews

Order food that is easy to eat and allows you to talk. Avoid alcohol — even if your interviewer orders a drink; remember you’re still being interviewed. Brush up on dining etiquette beforehand. Manners matter.

Group Interviews

Interview panels or committees are common in government, education, and social service agencies. With more people in the room, make a connection by remembering and using people’s names. Address everyone at the table when responding — not just the person asking the question. If you seem to be talking with the highest-ranking person or the friendliest face, you may offend someone else. From time to time, scan the room; make eye contact with even the less-engaged members. All could be part of the hiring decision.

Kira’s Story

Kira Hendricksen thought she knew what she wanted when she began her job search on Idealist.org, a search engine for jobs in the nonprofit sector.

Etiquette Dinner

Etiquette Dinner

At this annual event you’ll learn the skills you need to be prepared and comfortable in a variety of social and professional situations.