What Interviewers Look For

These are the traits employers frequently seek in candidates:*

  1. Ability to communicate. Can you organize your thoughts and ideas effectively, and express them clearly and persuasively?
  2. Intelligence. Can you understand the job assignment and contribute original ideas to your work?
  3. Self-confidence. Do you demonstrate a sense of maturity that enables you to deal positively and effectively with situations and people?
  4. Willingness to accept responsibility and show initiative. Can you determine what needs to be done, and are you willing to take action to ensure it gets done?
  5. Leadership. Can you guide and direct others to obtain the recognized objectives?
  6. Energy level. Do you demonstrate a forcefulness and capacity to make things move ahead at an above-average rate?
  7. Imagination. Can you confront and deal with problems that may not have standard solutions?
  8. Interpersonal skills. Can you bring out the best efforts of individuals so they become effective, enthusiastic members of a team?
  9. Flexibility. Are you capable of changing, and being receptive to new situations and ideas?
  10. Self-knowledge. Can you realistically assess your own capabilities and weaknesses? See yourself as others see you?
  11. Ability to handle conflict. Can you successfully contend with stressful situations?
  12. Competitiveness. Do you have the capacity to compete with others? Are you willing to be measured by your performance in relation to that of others?
  13. Goal achievement. Do you have the ability to identify and work toward specific goals?
  14. Vocational skills. Do you possess the combination of education and skills required for the position you are seeking?
  15. Direction. Have you determined what type of position will satisfy your knowledge, skills, and goals?

* Source: The College Placement Council

Sam Lee

Sam’s Story

Sam Lee credits counselors from the Center for Career and Calling for encouraging him and giving him the resources necessary to succeed in business.