Job Search Skills

Seeking a job or an internship can seem overwhelming until you break it down into manageable pieces. Think of it in three parts: prepare, strategize, and apply.


Know what you are looking for in your search, and identify next steps.


    Understand the variety of ways you can uncover job and internship opportunities, and create a strategy to customize your search.

    Yisel Navarro was an office worker for the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

    Yisel Navarro found a job as an office worker at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.


    Think of your job search as a part-time or full-time job.

    • Strategize your time, breaking the job search into smaller, manageable steps.
    • Organize your effort. Create a system for tracking application deadlines, correspondence, and professional contacts.
    • Submit your application materials effectively (submit PDFs so formatting stays intact; make sure they are error-free!)
    • Follow up with the employer.
    Cover letter

    Writing Cover Letters

    Your cover letter is often the first impression prospective employers have of you.

    Resume Help

    Need Help With Your Résumé?

    Our career counselors are available to critique your résumé or even assist you in creating one. Contact us to make an appointment, or drop in for a 15-minute walk-in appointment 12–2 p.m. Monday–Friday.