Working Internationally:
It Takes More than a Passport.

Have you ever wondered how you can find a job overseas? Or what it would be like to work internationally? Come hear from a panel of experts on the subject – those who have worked for international organizations, have traveled and worked abroad, and have helped others find work overseas.

Craig Campbell, Wycliffe Bible Translators Field Coordinator, is a graduate of the University of Washington and a licensed  civil engineer. He has worked as a navy officer in Spain, Puerto Rico, Japan and the USA, then as a civil engineer  in the Seattle area, and has spent the last 15 years with Wycliffe in various roles, including 7 years with the Summer Institute of Linguistics in  Papua New Guinea. Craig has recently been assigned to work on  Bible translation projects in Ethiopia.

Dr. Patricia Cassiday is a cross-cultural consultant, trainer and coach specializing in international transition for individuals and families.   She is the former Program Coordinator of Counseling and Psychology Services for the Department of Defense Schools, serving 80,000 students in twelve countries.

Lauren Kubik, Volunteer & Project Coordinator at Horn of Africa Services, graduated from SPU in 2012 with a degree in History and then spent the summer in Ukraine volunteering at an orphanage before moving to South Korea to teach English. She remained in Asia for 2.5 years, teaching and backpacking. Her experiences abroad confirmed her desire to work in a multicultural organization in the states. She currently helps lead youth programs for refugees and immigrants from East Africa.

Gene Kim serves as adjunct professor and Director of the Center for Professional Development in SPU’s School of Business, Government and Economics. Prior to this, he taught at UW Bothell School of Business, and worked in Korea, China, Australia, and Singapore, mostly in the capacity of CFO, COO and CEO for manufacturing, software and communication companies. 

Bulent Ozdemir is a finance leader who has worked for global companies such as CBRE, Delphi, Nokia and Proctor & Gamble. Bulent is originally from Turkey where he lived and worked for many years, before moving to the US for graduate school.  He is currently a Finance Director with CBRE where he works with colleagues located in various countries. He traveled to multiple countries for business in his current and previous roles.   


Posted: Friday, December 18, 2015